Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer Test with Audible Alert White


Test your breath before driving and let danger (hmm.. cops)away from you

It just like a timer, do you think so? About 13,000 people a year are killed on our roads in drink-drive incidents, so we must continue to be vigilant in our efforts to prevent drunk driving. Breath analysis is the most common method of testing for blood-alcohol content in use today, it can ensure the safety of yourself and others! Nobody wants a DWI conviction or its consequences - you risk a night in jail, thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees, the embarrassing publication after a trial. You better not drive if you are not sure, just play it safe and call a cab - the cheapest alternative.


  • Install the battery:
    Release of two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries or the same size battery, according to the battery case "+""-" labeled correctly, and power pool cover fastening
  • Replace the battery:
    When the battery symbol flashing on the LCD screen when that power is insufficient, replace the battery in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement. Pull out the battery cover, remove the old battery and re-loaded with a new type of battery. Keep batteries out of reach of children placed in the treatment of waste batteries in areas corresponding laws and regulations, please observe the local rules of the department. After 20 minutes in the alcohol use; in use after 20 minutes of smoking. prohibits the direct blow to the liquid or smoke detectors
    Continuous testing at 5 times, stop for 2 minutes before using
    Do not wind or poorly ventilated areas tested
    Do not place in a volatile gas used
    If the difference between two consecutive test results when more than 0.1 BAC re-test

Package Includes

  • 1 x Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer Test with Audible Alert White

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